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- Claire Johnson

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What is the Everybun bun maker?

If you like to wear a bun, you probably know how complicated and inconvenient it can be to create this hairstyle with a bun cushion or other variations. After a long working day the pain is mostly unavoidable. Besides, other tools may even damage your hair. With the innovative Everybun bun maker all this is no problem anymore. It protects your hair from breaking off, is comfortable to wear and easy to use.

Why Everybun?

Everybun is all about you and your comfort. Many of our enthusiastic customers not only praise how much time they can save, but also rave about not having headaches at the end of the day.
Its special design also allows you to style your hair gently. This means that you will not break off any more hair tips and your hair will stay beautiful longer - every day.

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