Buy 3 or more Everybuns and get free worldwide shipping.
Buy 3 or more Everybuns and get free worldwide shipping.
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Top 3: The most beautiful summer hairstyles

Would you like to try something new and dodge spending the whole summer walking around with your hair down or a simple ponytail? Let us show you the 3 most beautiful (and most comfortable guaranteed ) hairstyles for your perfect summer look.


First, we show you a ponytail braided in a hairband. This hairstyle is fast and is especially suitable for long hair. If you have some of the hairband left at the end, you can wrap it around your hair tie.


Even if you simply tuck two strands back and rotate them in a little, you can create a beautiful hairstyle. Whether you've got curly or straight hair, this hairstyle looks gorgeous with any hair structure.


With our Everybun, you can also easily make a half-bun. This gives you a beautiful look that is both quick and easy. Additionally you can put some pretty waves in your hair to complete your look.


Beautiful summer hairstyles don't take much time and look very pretty. Just try it out! On instagram you can find more beautyful summer hairstyles on Instagram.

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