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Buy 3 or more Everybuns and get free worldwide shipping.
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The best 5 hairstyles with hairbands

In this article, we show you the 5 best hairband hairstyles. You can copy all of them easily with the Everybands from our shop.


To create a summery look, put the hairband into your loose hair and pull out two thin strands at the front.

The colour of the Everyband, you see in the picture, is Dark Jungle.


Same as before, just pull out slightly thicker strands - et voila: You've created a sweet, summery look.

If you want to know which Everyband is used in the picture: Yellow & Flowers!


Maybe you guessed it already, but you can also just use it to keep your hair out of your face and still get a sporty look.

Colour: Blue & Flamingos


Another possible way is to combine your hairband with a ponytail. It's sporty and practical if working or moving a lot in your everyday life.

Colour: Blue & Flamingos


Even with a bun (which you can achieve with our Everybun), the combination with a hairband looks beautiful.

To find this Everyband in our shop, you need to look for "Vintage Flowers"


Hairbands are easy to combine with many different looks, and just like that, you can create many different hairstyles. Try it out and find your personal style!

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