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Lightening your hair yourself with lemon

Home remedy lemon juice:

Those who want to change the colour of their hair usually go to the hairdresser or use a colour pack from the drugstore. But it also works naturally. If you don't want to change your hair thoroughly, but only lighten it a little bit, sunlight or lemon juice could be the key to success for you. It's a classic household remedy that makes it possible to lighten almost any hair colour. Of course your hair does not become completely blonde. But even with dark hair tones, slightly lighter nuances are achievable.

This is how it works:

Squeeze the juice of about 3 lemons. Depending on how long your hair is, this amount can vary slightly. Then you distribute the squeezed juice in your hair. If your hair is strained or coloured, do not cover the tips at first. After 15 minutes, you can also distribute the liquid. In total you should leave the mixture in your hair for 30 minutes, that means half an hour on healthy hair and 15 minutes on the damaged ends.


Afterwards, you should apply a hair conditioner, because the lemon juice dries out the hair quickly despite its purely natural origin. This must be to keep your hair healthy. Now you can style your hair with your selfmade hair wax. If you want to give your haircolor a red touch, read our article about red wine for your hair.

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