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Hair care tips and hairstyles for fine / thin hair

Play "Would you rather" with a fine-haired girl, and if one of the choices is "have thicker hair" (as in "Would you rather kiss Jason Momoa or have thicker hair?"), the stronger hair choice almost always wins. It can be difficult to work with sparse strands of hair and it is not easy to find hairstyles that are suitable for finer hair structures. But this does not mean that you are condemned to a dull hairstyle if you have thin hair. Here are tips and ideas for fine hairstyles.

Short hairstyles for thin hair

A short haircut is one of the best strategies for fine hair. The right one - like a cute pixie cut - can give your thin hair lots of volume and bounce. Because it's not weighted down by length, a short haircut will make your curls look fuller, especially if your hairdresser adds a few steps to the cut. "The shorter steps help to push the longer hair up and out," explains Matrix Artistic Director Dan Csicsai, "which adds volume to the short haircut. Read about gothic hairstyles to finde more special haircuts.

To style and achieve perfect short hairstyles for fine hair, just tap your hair roots with a root-strengthening spray, turn your head around and dry it with your hands and a hairdryer. Don't worry about brushing your hair - too much brushing or combing can make fine hair sag. When your hair is almost dry, spray the tips of your hair with salted beach spray and crush the product into your hair with your hands. The salt spray causes separation and definition and also helps to thicken fine hair.

Hairstyles for medium long, thin hair

Bob haircuts are a good choice for medium length fine hair. These haircuts are short enough to prevent fine hair from sagging. There are two ways to make a bob haircut look fuller. The first option is to keep the tips super dull, which means that the hair does not look frizzy. An alternative is to add some long steps, including some steps to frame the face, so that the hairstyle looks fuller overall.

If you like to wear your medium-length bob haircut nice and straight, leave out the straightening iron when you have fine hair. You will lose too much volume. Instead, apply a voluminous mousse to damp hair and blow-dry your hair smooth with a large, round brush. Use the brush to lift the hair at the root and avoid turning the tips down for a modern finish. Instead of wrapping the ends around the brush, simply pull the brush through to keep your hair smooth and straight. Finally, use a light hairspray that repels the moisture that makes fine hair sag.

Waves also make thin hair look thicker. To create waves that stay in place (which isn't always easy to do with fine hair), you need the right preparation products. Use a blow-out cream that is formulated to make fine hair look fuller and increase volume and fullness. Dry it with your hands and a hairdryer until all hair is dry. Use a heat protection spray and divide your hair into about six or eight vertical sections. Use a small curling iron (one inch or smaller) to create spiral curls. Aim each curl away from your face and leave the ends off for a modern look. After releasing each section, drop the curl in the palm of your hand and hold it for a few seconds while it cools. Then gently let it fall free. When all the hair is solid, shake and gently massage the curls to blend them together without disturbing the shape. Spray the curls with a light hair spray.

Hairstyles for long, thin hair


Similar to the Bob haircut, long thin hair looks fuller and thicker when the tips are kept dull and healthy. Split ends make long, fine hair look too airy. So make regular trims and use a product that prevents breakage to keep fine hair strong. Shampoo your hair and condition it with volumising hair care formulas. And if you think it's a good idea to skip the conditioner - it's not. Even fine hair needs the smoothing and control that conditioners provide. Another "must" for long, fine hair is a volumising powder. Apply it to the hair roots - it provides lift and also absorbs unwanted scalp oil. If you want to create braid hairstyles or updosings for long hair, you should sprinkle your tips with volume powder. It gives the strands of hair "hold" and prevents your hair from slipping out of your hands or the finished hairstyle. It will also give density to your fine texture.

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