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Do-it-yourself hair jewelry with nail polish

Hair ties, hair clips, hair bands are available in many different types. Flowers are certainly a popular motif. How you can make an elegant flower hair decoration yourself, you can read here:

You need:

  • a thin wire
  • Nail polish in different colors of your choice
  • Hair Clips
  • A pen

How it works:

1. Create small petals from wire by wrapping it around the tip of the pen and then turning the pen a few times around its own axis. For one flower you should create five petals next to each other.

2. Apply the nail polish to the petals. Because of the surface tension it holds between the wire edges of the respective leaf and dries in this form after a short time.

3. Decorate your hair clips. Attach the wire to the clips so you can place your DIY flowers in your hair.

5. Decorate your hair with the finished creation. Combine different colors and vary the number of flowers. The flowers look especially great in braid hairstyles.

Have fun trying it out! With this hair jewelry you can also pimp your bridal hairstyles or your hairstyle with hairbands.

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