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How to straighten your hair

If you straighten your hair frequently, you will cause significant damage, as the heat can cause split ends and even break the hair. However, there are other ways than using a straightening iron to get beautiful straight hair. In the following article, we have put together some tips for you.

1. straightening shampoo

If you straighten your hair frequently, it is best to do this without heat. Shampoos, which have a straightening effect, are suitable for this. In our blog you can find the recipe for your selfmade coffeine shampoo.

2. straightening with a hairdryer and a brush

Although the heat will damage your hair, a hairdryer produces less heat than a straightening iron. To straighten your hair with a hairdryer, you should brush your hair slowly and blow-dry it parallel to the brush with a distance of about 15cm.

3. straightening iron

Even if it damages the hair, sometimes there is no other option than to use the straightening iron. However, it is essential that you use heat protection spray before use, so that the heat does not damage your hair too much. It is also very important, that your hair is not wet anymore when you start to straighten your hair. The same applies, of course, if you use a hairdryer. If you style your hair with heat, haircare is even more important. To protect your hair from damage, you can also read about our contribution to the prevention of damaged hair or our best four home remedies against damaged hair.

No matter how you straighten your hair - you should use a hair spray to fix your result. You can read our article about how to make your own natural hair spray at home. If you use heat to straighten your hair, you should use special conditioner and other products for straightend hair for a longer hold.


Not every trick works for everyone, as there are many different hair types which come with different simplicity to style. We hope that our tips could help you a little bit and wish you a lot of fun trying them out! In our magazine we give you helpful tips to handle your curly hair.

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